TeraRanger Hub Evo orientation


I am using a TeraRanger Hub Evo with 4 sensors facing forward, backward, left and right. Normally I would use the ports with numbers 1, 3, 5, and 7 on the TeraRanger Hub. However, port number 5 seems that it is not functioning as it should since it rarely seems to be working. I decided to rotate the Hub 45deg and use ports 2, 4, 6, and 8.

The proximity sensor plugin right now thinks that I use the “angled” ports and shows obstacles at the four quarters. Instead, I want to rotate the interpretation of the proximity sensor and use port no 2. as a forward sensor and not an angled one.

I tried using the PRX_YAW_CORR parameter by setting it to +45 and -45. It doesn’t seem to work. The proximity sensor shows exactly the same. I tried +180 just to see if something changes, but nothing happened.

Has anyone of you any idea on how to set this up correctly?

the prx_yaw_corr parameters don’t work for terra ranger. only for others peripherals.
the only solution for terraranger is to respect the port number with the number one in forward.
if your port 5 don’t work it seems to be the ribond that is cut or defective. you could try to change it
be careful and ask to terrabee for the right reference of ribond or it couldn’t work.