TeraRanger Evo 60m with Hub and (3) Sensors

So I recently picked up a single TeraRanger Evo 60m for use in front facing obstacle avoidance, clear support and directions offered by the manufacturer so see no issues in getting this set up. I also just placed an order for the Evo Hub (hub only) and two additional sensors with the goal of having front, front left, and front right covered. They have clear install and setup instructions for the Evo Tower with the eight sensors, but no clear indication on install/setup with any other sensor count, would this be setup the same as the tower, or would I need to configure something different for the three sensors instead of the eight? I also have a question in to the manufacturer on this, but was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this.

Thanks in advance!

Good day, ive tested the hub evo with evo 60m, so if you need to configure your sensors as front… back and side yard need follow the numbers written on near the flat connector… so 1 is front… 5 is back… 3 is right and 7 is left.

Thanks David, I was wondering if it was that easy, I did see the numbering on the hub in the manual. I will take a run installing it as described with the three sensors and see how it does. Thanks again.

with the proper tool by terabee you can calibrate also the IMU on the board and check also the reading of all sensors…