TeraRanger EVO 40 LIDAR height [kudos!]

I installed a TeraRanger EVO 40 on the bottom of my Shen Terraplane today (3.5" Cinewhoop design). Installation was a breeze, and wiring the I2C connections to a Matek H743-Mini was straightforward (use a 4v5 pin for Vcc instead of one labeled 5V if you want to test via USB connection to the autopilot).

After sorting the settings per the wiki, I immediately had range readings, and the first couple of flights went great with good altitude control up to ~75’.

Thanks to the dev team for a great driver and implementation!

Unrelated, but perhaps of interest:
I have some vibration issues to sort out on this frame, and I can definitely recommend against the Matek H743-Mini v1 with the IMC20602 IMU. The MPU6000 is reporting high vibration but not clipping, while the ICM20602 is clipping even at moderate values. I’ll need to do some investigation and probably prop balancing, but am overall disappointed in the ICM20602 performance. Matek replaced that IMU on a subsequent revision, and it looks like the mini board is entering EOL, anyway.

Even with windy conditions and high vibrations reported, some GoPro Hero 8 footage turned out very nice!