Hi, i currently try to get my telemetry working

My Hardware:

[li] RaspberryPi 2 with the Navio+ Board[/li]
[li] X4R-SB[/li]
[li] FrSky FUL-1[/li]
[li] SPC Cable[/li][/ul]

My Software:
[li] Latest stable ArduCopter for quads 3.3.1[/li]
[li] Open TX 2.1.6 [/li][/ul]

Yesterday i’ve put everything together as described here ( … iver_setup). With my Taranis Plus i’ve tried to discover the telemetry, but it just discovered 4 values (A2, SWR, RSSI, RxBt) is it normal, how many channels should be discovered ?

In the description of the Airborne Project ( … e_projects) they talking about 17 values ?

Many thanks in advance for your help

Try braking the diagnostics down into steps

  1. do you have any data coming from your serial port?
    Use a FTDI and a terminal on computer to sniff the port for data. OR use a talemetry radio set to none MAV to see the raw data coming from the port.

No data> then a driver issue in the Pi.

Data, make sure connection between FUL-1 is working. is there data coming out? the logic signal should be swinging -3v to -25V for high and +3v to +25V for low.

How to test> well a scope is best or try a com port on a PC NOT laptop as they tend to be TTL not RS232 level.

Let us know how you get on.