Telemetry won't start without stream request when SiK radio is connected

I’m probably just overlooking some small thing but I’m losing my hair over this one… I have (Minim-) OSD and (HK 500mW) SiK radio connected via a Y cable to telemetry 1 of a Pixhawk. TX from the OSD is not connected. When I pull the plug from the SiK radio, telemetry is sent by the PH from boot on and the OSD shows data. When the radio is connected, even if it has no link, the PH does not start sending telemetry but waits for a GCS to request the stream. SR1_* parameters are set to appropriate frequencies. BRD_SER1_RTSCTS is set to 0.

If you don’t have the Edison edition try putting the OSD on Telemetry 2, Could be you have Tx and Rx crossed somewhere

It’s a Pixhawk, not a Cube :). Telemetry2 is occupied by FrSky SPort telemetry. Anyways, if TX and RX were swapped, it would never work. It does work after the GCS requested the streams.

Set the SR1_* parameters manually. That way it should start automatically at boot.
But the problem might be that it needs to receive a GCS heartbeat before it starts sending data.

They are set… That’s the weird thing. I got the system here - pull the plug from the radio and the OSD starts receiving. Put the plug back into the radio and the OSD doesn’t see anything anymore. Put the plug into the radio and start a GCS link - both OSD and radio work fine…