Telemetry won't reconnect

I’m using a PixHawk(1) and an RFD900+ radio connected to “telemetry 1” for telemetry. The radios are both set to MAVLINK protocol, ECC correction and RESEND. I have a separate 5.5V 3A supply running the RFD900.

The telemetry works great - except in cases where the radios get out of range for awhile (5-10 minutes).

If the signal disappears for a few seconds, it reconnects just fine. But if the signal is “missing” for a relatively long time, it will NOT automatically connect. Disconnecting the “ground side” radio and reconnecting it does not help, it will not communicate with the “air side”. The only way I can get things connected again is if I remove and reconnect power to the PixHawk. I haven’t tried a simple reboot, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.