Telemetry via UART to ethernet adapter

I have been tinkering around to change my telemetry from the standard 915Mhz over to wifi.

Solution at the moment is, to use a companion computer running mavproxy and send that via wifi to my ground control station.

But I just stumbled up on this topic Sending Pixhawk 2.1 TELEM1 data via RJ45 cable where the topic owner wanted to try an UART to RJ45 ethernet adapter. ( like this one
Since I’m already using a router on my boat, this would be a pretty neat option to transfer the mavlink telemetry.

Problem is: the topic is closed. Hence why I’m asking here in a new topic:

Did anyone gather some experience with this? Does someone know If this would allow for an easy connection via IP address. Or would one still need to run mavproxy or something similar of any sort?


I tested this device few month ago. It has web-interface and application, you can set standard parameters for serial port and network adapter. Wiring described in topic.
The only problem is additional delay 0.5-1s for RX channel (telemetry), TX (commands) has no delay. I have no solution, it can be bug for my device only.
Btw, another solution: But maximum range between my notebook and uav ~150m

Anybody find a solution?

Need to convert to RJ45 to connect to network. loading parameters takes 10 minutes, no matter what the baud rate is. Using the same USR-TCP232-T2 device.