Telemetry vertical speed / acoustic variometer (HOTT)

Hi everyone, I just coupled the telemtry port to my Graupner HOTT Receiver and successfully received all telemtry data on the controller display (GPS, Electric Air, Vario).

The vertical speed / variometer information is provided on the display and as acoustic signal s well. But, it looks like the values from the GPS are taken (no GPS ==> no vario info), which are relative unprecise and drift a lot. Is there any way to get the barometer information as variometer output? I found no possibilities to change any parameter by remote control, like it is with standard Graupner telemetry modules.

I got a Graupner HOTT variometer module as well, but I suppose it is not possible to use it together with the telemtry cable on the receiver input port.

Anyway, the GPS variometer values could be corrected by the EKF and the barometer info?

Thank you for your help, Simon

Pixhawk 4 Mini
Arduplane 4.0.7