Telemetry signal strength on HUD?

I REALLY like droid planner. It is a work of art the way so much can be done with such a small interface on a tablet. THANK YOU!! That said. I would be reluctant to use it for longer flights without being able to see the signal strength in the HUD. I mostly fly a plane and can often get beyond where the TX 2.4 ghz can travel so it’s a must I have a viable telemetry connection to observe and if needed set RTL via the telemetry.

And while I’m wishing I mine as well go for broke and ask it’s a percentage not the RSSI number because despite about 1 hr of google research I’m still not clear on what’s a good number or bad. Guess I did skip too many days in school. :smiley: If there is a second or more appropriate place to place this request please let me know.

But again WOW!! You have done a fantastic job!!! THANK YOU and I will gladly donate!! Link?

I’m not sure I understood your request.

In the newer version there is a RSSI indicator for the telemetry, and when you press it it shows all the values from the radio. Here is the link to the new version (2.0): … -announced

If you want to donnate here is the link:

Okay thanks I will install the new version! Donation done. You must be a busy guy on this. Thank you for all the hard work.

Opps… I bumped ‘solved’ in my own question / post

I’m not the only one working on it, take a look at these charts: … ntributors

Open source is awesome :slight_smile: