Telemetry signal disconnect in a short distance on the air

Please look at my log as attached …
After set up for the auto take off ,the plane take off with 15 degree pitch up ,but it did not transfer to auto mode after reach the final height of take off .and It seems out of my control for a while and I can see the telemetry signal disconnect for a several second ,it’s really hard to flight back finally .
I find the pitot tube of airspeed sensor have some problem ,after flight ,witch lead to the monitor airspeed less than real airspeed .

and there is another problem even with airspeed sensor is normal ,that is the plane can’t roll to 60 degree even if I set the roll limited to 60 degree ,it just turn about 40 degree if I push the stick to the end of left

hope someone analysis my log to find out the problem
thaks .

I am looking at your logs. I do not understand your question.

Yes, in the log that you labeled “airspeed sensor abnormal” the airspeed sensor is reading incorrectly, and that can cause problems.

In the log that you have labeled “normal flight” I see the plane matching ATT.DesRoll and ATT.Roll very well, even up to 60[deg] on occasion. But you said:

Do you mean in the file 2018-11-10 15-05-20 nomal flight.bin? If yes, could you specify where you are seeing this problem?

good morning hunt, please look at the ATT_roll CURVE, although there just show 40 or 30 degree in FBWA mode for example, but I have put the aileron stick to the end of right or left, it should go to bank angel of 60 degrees .I will try next time to test this problem



Either I don’t understand, or you are mistaken.
EDIT: Or maybe you’re responding to what looks like an asymmetry? For the “positive” roll direction, it seems you can reach 60[deg] but for the “negative” direction, perhaps it’s harder?

Here is a plot of the roll angle for your log. I have used red lines to indicate when the aircraft was in FBWA mode. (so if a red line is present, plane is in FBWA, such as t=1000[sec]. If no red line, such as t=800[sec], some other mode is being used)

At t=1007[sec], t=1939[sec], t=1972[sec], t=1989[sec] and t=1994[sec], we see the roll angle very close to 60[deg] while the plane is in FBWA mode.

EDIT: I forgot to include the plot of the Channel 1 RC input: