Telemetry Setup Recommendation for Offboard Computer Control

Hi everyone,

Right now I am try to control a Pixhawk UAV using a ground computer sending setpoint commands to APM. However, right now my telemetry radio setup is inconsistent. It continuously drops connection making this offboard command impossible. I am currently using mRo SiK Telemetry Radios for communication.

Is there a better out of the box solution for a fast/reliable connection for offboard control?


RFD 900x radios would be a better choice. Considerably more expensive.

For sending commands from a ground based mavros, if you can deal with limited range I’d suggest wifi to get a better baudrate.

Would you happen to know if there exists a plug and play solution for Wifi. From your link, it looks like ESP8266 takes a bit of work to get up and going.

It’s dead simple to get going. I have those radios on most craft. They are $5 on eBay and with an FTDI adapter and a basic application and firmware it’s up and running.

But as James says it’s short range. 200m max straight line of site. They are best for configuration and calibration purposes.

If you wan to buy one ready to go:

Thanks. Ideally I would like more range, but I may have to make use with what I can use. Ideally, I want to run this in a wide open field, which I don’t know if this open space affects Wifis range.

I’m really ignorant to telemetry and RF things. Also, are the RFD 900x radios are better/more expensive than SiK radios because of their output power (affects range) and bandwidth are higher?

they are 1W radios or ~10x the Sik radios. The best I have gotten from Sik radios is 1-2km. Other have got more maybe with better antennas. A wide open field is OK but with the ESP8266 radios you can’t expect much range.

Why use a GCS for RC control?

Yaa. RFD 900’s. Throw in an antenna tracker with a patch antenna and yee haa. The standard antenna’s are good enough though

Sorry, got caught up in some things. Effectively I wrote my own code to optimize what roll/pitch setpoints should be used to follow a trajectory. The optimizer it written in separate code, and the setpoints are to be used to control the UAV