Telemetry randomly works

Hi, when I plug my flight controller in sometimes the telemetry works perfectly and sometimes just doesnt work, probably 2 of 3 times it doesnt work…

Matek H743
Taranis X9D

Any ideas how to make this work everytime ?


And now testing a few hours later, it was working ok and now its completely stopped sending all telemetry…

No wonder its been super hard to configure !

Saved the params… reflashed…loaded the same param file - it now works…


Maybe try posting in the radio section. The problems you’re having may not be just Plane related and perhaps a Copter or Rover user may be able to help.

I have that same gear except it’s a Radiomaster not an X9D but that shouldn’t make any difference. Using Fport and Yaapu telemetry.

Thanks, reflashed the board again and now its working.

altho only getting the standard telemetry not the pass through stuff.

I tried adding an frsky airspeed and vario to a different port, but that just stops the fport telemetry working.

Is this possible to run fport and s port at the same time ? doesnt seen so…


Connect those sensors to a Frsky receiver Sport not the Flight Controller.

It’s either f port or Sbus and s port.

But you can get away without using any of the frsky sensors.

I use frsky xlite with r9m pro lite and a slim+ota with f port and the yaapu lua script. The tx doesn’t know how to decode the frsky pass through but yaapu does, so once you get yaapu working you can discover sensors and i get 14 different sensors. From there you can set vspd as your various source. I don’t have an air speed sensor but ardupilot has a great synthetic algorithm and I have it in my osd. I haven’t tested how accurate it is but while flying around it seems accurate by the looks of things, from flying into the wind and with the wind.