Telemetry radio options

Telemetry radio options

Ok, I have a pixhawk on a FPV quadcopter. Running 5.8G video, 2.4G Frsky for R/C and currently 900mHz for telemetry. Some of the folks I fly with use 900mHz for video and complain that my telemetry interferes with their video. What other choices are there for telemetry hardware, that is not in the 900mHz band, in the USA? I use the telemetry link for mostly setting up the parameters on the quad and mission uploading. I don’t use it all that much during the flight, but would like to keep the option open. The RFD radio modems look like an option, if I could find a 400mHz model, as a lot of people use 433mHz for long range control and it doesn’t interfere with video on the other bands.

A lot of what you ask will depend on the country you are in.

In Australia we can use 900Mhz for telemetry but it is not legal to use it for video.
I even have an old 900Mhz FPV setup but it is definitely not legal and is enforceable.

5.8Mhz is the frequency we can use for video. Period.
Sad I know because it is a lousy frequency for analogue video.

I don’t know, 5.8 for video is pretty decent for me. Sure it’s not a HD downlink, but will do moderate range pretty well. Just depends on what you can ‘moderate range’ :wink:

I am in the USA