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Telemetry Radio on gcs and ardupilot controller

(edge540T) #1

Hi, Can I use a pixfalcon as controller antenna tracker only? with telemetry radio linked to vehicle attached on GCS (usb laptop with MP)?
I mean, like the scheme but with sik radio on the Ground Station pc.
Is it posible?

(rmackay9) #2

Yes, I think that should work fine.

(lorbass) #3

I use above configuration. But MP doesn’t show flight data such as Voltage, mAh, altitude, speed and so on.
And the hud shows the motion of the tracker. (horizon up/down and direction)
But in the map tracker AND vehikel are displayed and moved.

My target is to use the tracker with a camera but not to lose Telemetrie data.
Is this a bug or intended?