Telemetry radio known to work with and plug into 2.1 cube

I am looking for a telemetry radio set that is both known to work with and include a cable that plugs directly into the 2.1 cube or that is known to accept the telemetry cable that comes with the 2.1 cube. I purchased a radio set on Amazon and none of the cables match up. I found a thread where someone cut and soldered the 2 together which I tried but it will not connect through the radio to my pc. Both light up with a solid green but the air radio also has a small red light blinking next to the solid green. Im assuming that I may have done something wrong in the splicing of the connector.

The radio you bought probably has a 4-pin molex connector and the 2.1 has a 6 pin JST-GH. mRobotics and maybe others have those cables. Splicing the cable should have worked also. Did you connect Tx>Rx and Rx>Tx. .

Thank you, I found the cable there. It should be here Friday and Il give it another shot. Atleast that way I can cut that out as a failure point, and even if I need a new radio the cable will be needed.

well turns out it is 6 pin molex to 6 pin jst-gh… however only 4 pins of the 6 pin molex are used. I ended up getting it wired up correctly and now I have a green light only on both units. Still can’t get it to connect to mission planner though.