Telemetry off after arming

after I arm my quad copter the artificial horizon and compas readouts change it shows my quad is pitched to the left and yaw to the left as soon as I disarm it goes back to normal , I have tested with mission planner and it doesn’t happen the same on my pc only with droid planner
I’m running apm2.5 arducopter 3.0.1. 3dr radios , latest droid planner.

Can you try to make a video of the issue?

Here is the video of the issue , sometimes it is alot more extreme this time i could not get a very good example but you can see it doing it.

Well it wont let me upload the video, pm me an email and i can send it to you…

Just post it on youtube and send the link here.

Here you go! the longer it stays armed the worse it gets sometimes…


That’s strange, I would guess the orientation estimation is a bit off but since MP works ok I don’t know what is causing it. DP just shows the ATTITUDE of the copter in the HUD, no processing is done in the GCS.

I can’t reproduce your problem, so it’s hard to fix it. Does it happen in flight as well?

It happens lamppost every time I arm the copter and take off it doesn’t seem to effect the flight at all, I just thought it was kind of strange.

I think the new release of ArduCopter will fix this, give it a test.