Telemetry not working in Pixhawk cube

The RTS and CTS pinout of the telemetry port in not reading any voltage because of which I am unable to establish a MAVlink connection between my laptop and the Pixhawk. I tried to disable the RTSCTS parameter in mission planner, but its still not working. It is a 6 pin DF13 connector, where the RTS and CTS pins are not working, so I am trying to connect it without using the RTS and CTS pin. If anyone knows how to do it, please reply.

You dont really need RTS and CTS in order to connect to Pixhawk telemetry- simply using Rx and Tx can do the job. The key to wireless connection is connecting to right com-port on mission planner at right baudrate.

I really dont know much about your current setup, so I am putting forward generic problem-solution that I have faced over the years
Connection can be broken down in to two processes: Handshake and Heartbeat.

Handshake: Make sure that the telemetry kit you’re using has a stable green led. This ensures that both air and ground unit are talking to each other. If the LEDs on both end are blinking, then make sure to configure both units using Mission Planner’s SiK Radio tab. Make sure both are using same frequency - in other words both units should have same settings.

Heartbeat: Once the communication link is established, go to mission planner, choose correct com-port and select correct baudrate (which you set in handshake part). Check your air and ground unit for blinking red LED - indicating exchange of packets. If the LEDs are not blinking, then check your units for ‘noob’ error - make sure Rx of unit is going to Tx of the system (pixhawk/pc). Also in some cases you need to power up the UAV using battery to meet the power requirements of the telemetry system.