Telemetry modules are aware of each other, but do not connec

Okay I have 2 air units and 3 ground units, and 2 APM’s. My air modules have 1.6 and 1.7 on them, and my ground modules have 1.7, and 1.9

Now when I have the air units connected and powered via a battery and I plug a ground unit into my computer they will both light up green. I can even pull the settings from the air unit(s) and it shows up identical. But when I try to connect (at 57600) it just times out. It does with both air units and all 3 ground units on every port of this computer and my laptop as well as my tablet.

They air and ground see each other just fine…They even talk enough to where in 3DR radio tab it will display the settings of the remote unit. But again they do not connect when I actually try to establish a connection. AVR is not a option on the air units since I just have wire harness plugs, not pins. I have connected in the past with several different drones I have built and never had a problem. But now I have new equipment and its just not getting a telemetry connection.

I just dont see how the radios can see each other plain as day, All of the settings are matched by default…but no joy. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Me to. i am using a mac with planner 2.0 and apm 2.6 hex with 433 3dr radios. all software/firmwre up to date.
the data link shows green, and i get data from the hex, but when i try to down load anything it hangs, then times out

Mine doesnt hang…it just counts down to 0 and times out. Yet when I connect the ground unit to the computer while the apm is powered on it will even tell me the firmware and settings of the remote unit (which match exactly the ground) …just cant connect to it. Even the ones with differnt firmware will cause both to go solid green, but I have been targetting my efforts on the 2 that are both at 1.7

Different computers, even a tablet and they dont connect on a level that will give me telemetry. And even with different APM’s they dont connect. And as I said the Air units just have the plastic plugs so theres no pins to connect them directly to the computer.

Those radio firmwares does not support multipoint connections.

I’m not trying multi-point, I am just trying to get a telemetry connection from the drone to the computer (or tablet, but not both at the same time) I set the baud rate at 57600 on the comport the ground module is plugged into while the drone is powered up.

Have you looked to see which port your trying to connect with. The telemetry units use a different port, than the pixhawk uses. :astonished:

Yes I was on the proper port and the proper data rate was set, which is why I was able to pull both the ground module and air modules settings and firmware info. I also updated the firmware on one of the ground modules. Luckily I found a third air module that I had used before and it had the pinouts listed. After comparing that to pinout of the APM I realized that one of the ground modules they had used color coded wires and the ground wire and power wire were incorrectly color coded. So when they put they put the TX and RX wires next the black wire they were really putting it next to the power wire, which is wrong. But even after realizing this and even trying to reverse the RX/TX wires I still couldnt get a connection.

So I tried the third one I found which had worked in the past and it connected immediately. It had 1.6 firmware and it connected to my ground modules that had 1.6, 1.7 and 1.9 version firmware without any problems. I went back to the air modules that didnt work and again verified and even tried reversing RX and TX but nothing. So I have no idea why they will not connect, but I ordered an FTDI unit since I now know the pinout and I have corrected the wiring errors that I found. But I guess when you buy generic Telemetry modules thats the kind of thing you can expect.