Telemetry link but no data Mp can't no connect

Hi Any body know about this I am new and I have to telemetry and de same problem

I have a problem with a FPV Radio Telemetry, I connected it to my APM 2.8 and USB ground to my PC. download the driver from internet, both radio link in solid green, in my 3DR screen
i see the RSSI ground L/R RSSI 156/156 L/R noise: 41/26 pkts: 753 txe=0 rxe=0 stx=10 srx=0 ecc=0/0 temp=-276 dco=0

and Air L/R RSSI 156/156 L/R noise: 21/38 pkts: 173 txe=0 rxe=0 stx=0 srx=0 ecc=0/0 temp= 276 dco=0

Baud 57600 in ground and air, and pc Mavlink High Bandwidt,.

I buy a new telemetry Holybro 915 Mhz model No HTOX and the same problem but with wire to my computer it work fine.
Can you please help me in my problem.