Telemetry Is this a worth while improvement?

Using something like Crossfire with both Mavlink and CRSF running.
The MavLink over crossfire is kind a slow…
Starting up Mission planner takes a long time because it first reads all the parameters.
It seems that the vast majority of the parameters don’t ever change.

So basic concept:
Mission planner holds a set of parameter caches stored by FC id.
When it starts up it asks (via a new mavlink message) for FC id and a hash of the entire parameter set. If this matches one of the stored parameter caches, it stops.

If it does have a cache for that FC , but the hash does not match, it could then
subdivide the parameter set and share these subdivided hashes.
(Maybe a hash for each root leaf or divide into 8 pcs or similar…???)
That way the 99% of the parameter space that is unchanged does not need to clog the
startup bandwidth of the system…

Is this something that would be useful?
Its something I’m looking at doing for my own use…


Use an up-to-date ArduCopter version with a non crippled telemetry (full mavlink 2 support) and it will use FTP to get the parameters in 2 seconds.
No need for hashing or any other changes


So what hardware do you define as non crippled telemetry and what sort of range do you get? The common SIK radios are limited to 300 meters. Sure you can add directional antennas and a tracker etc… but with the crossfire mavlink setup is there are no extra things to bring, its all contained in the primary RC radio and all fits in a small bbackpack.

I don’t agree with this. There are numerous cause that can prevent ftp to work well.

We do have some WIP for param table hash/checksum to reduce GCS burden.

RFD868x comes to my mind. But basically anything that does mavlink 2 transparently is better than crossfire. I also use crossfire, and I do not like it. And they refuse to implement mavlink 2 support for whatever reason. Their customer support is also not stellar in my eyes.

If you do convince TBS to add mavlink 2 support, please tell me.

For long range and proper telemetry we use the RFD868x with encryption. But there are others radios that work as well.

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rfd900x ( and 868x) radios have had mavlink2 support since v2.86, for many years.