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Telemetry from RPI on plane to ground station

Hi all sorry for the super noob questions… I do a lot of dev for FPV quad stuff, so I’m still very new on the mission sensor data stuff.

I have a project where I’m pulling telemetry data from a raspberry pi sensor on a wing and I’m wanting to transmit the data back down to the ground station in real time.

The RPI is a wildlife radio receiver. The data it will transmit back is just unique ID, RSSI, and gps loc. (GPS data will come from the pi separate from the wings gps a system… for now.) I’m wanting it to transfer the data about once every second.

Long-term it would be nice to be able send commands back through the ground station to change settings on the RPI.

So here are my questions -

  1. What’s the best way for the pi to talk to a pixhawk so it can transmit the data back to the ground station? UAAT, I2c?
  2. Is mission planner going to be the best platform for reading and displaying this info? Could I overlay the data on to the mission planner map?

I’m open to input and ideas!
Thanks for the help!

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