Telemetry esc 4 в 1 iFlight SucceX-E 45A

Hello, my setup: f765-wing
Esc 4 в 1 iFlight SucceX-E 45A
Ardupilot 4.1.1
the motors are working as expected but there is no telemetry, the wire is connected to rx5, the settings are set as in the documents. what else can you see?
Protocol dshot600

There is no telemetry pin so presumably you are expecting bi-directional dshot to work? Do you have the right firmware loaded? What flight controller?

Fc F765-wing ,

I’m connect in TX, on fc to serial8 uart5

Do Blheli_S controllers support telemetry? i thought it was only the BLheli-32 escs

the instructions say if you install custom firmware on the regulator, the standard 16.7 but if you put 16.73 it will work.

I asked for 16.73 but with a different configurator, I don’t think there is a difference

tell me at least what specific settings need to be set for this firmware

Does your flight controller support it? as far as I know it’s only a handful that do, you might need a custom firmware compiled for you.

yes, on the manufacturer’s website and in the documentation ardupilot says what it supports

Apologies there are two versions of this one - it seems you have v1, I was looking at v2. v1 should work using regular telemetry. You have the TX connected to the UART RX? Please post your full settings.

tx esc pin is connected to SERIAL8 = USER = UART5 to rx fc pin 1223.param (23.3 KB)

Looks correct - I can’t tell you why its not working, but I have had similar issues with other iflight ESCs

After a little digging, I remembered that I do not have the SERVO_BLH_BDMASK parameter, and it enables the bidirectional protocol, may it not work because of this?

bdshot telemetry is independent of the telemetry wire. If you try and use it you will need to use blheli_m on the esc

I stitched the links from this post

noticed that if it switches to dshot 150, then the motors stop working

I need matek F765-wing-bdshot firmware, but I don’t have it! I’m right ?

Sorry, yes true - no port has yet been done to this board

The firmware never appeared, can you ask someone to collect it?