"Telemetry disconnected"

Does anyone know why at close range in the air or even sitting on the ground the IRIS telemetry connects and disconnects off and on when using Droidplanner 2.0 and the stock 3DR Radios? Is there a better baud rate or setting to improve this or are the radios bad?

I don’t experience this. Does this only happen with droidplanner 2.0? What about the older version of droidplanner, does it do the same thing?

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Try the following:

  • Connect the 3DR radio via the USB cable to your PC and fire up Mission Planner
  • Power IRIS but do not connect in Mission Planner to IRIS
  • In MP go to Initial Setup -> Optional Hardware -> 3DR Radio
  • Click on load settings and check the settings.

Explanation on what they mean is here:
planner.ardupilot.com/wiki/commo … m-and-px4/

Obviously if TX power is not 20, that could be the first problem.

Also make sure your antennas are tightly mounted to the radio as that could be causing issues as well.