Telemetry data transfer very slow

Hi all ,

In my plane I am using 9Xtend module 1watt 900MHz for telemetry .

The 9Xtend accept 2 baudrate for RF (9600 - 115200 ) .

when I use 9600 and connect with mission planner , Get parameter take about 3 min so slowly .

I found in MP / config / planner / telemetry as in photo below .

What is that mean ? attitude , position , mode/status , sensor , RC
and what the meaning of its values ?

I am now using baud rate 115200 but as I understand if I use 9600 it will give me long distance ā€¦

any information will help .

I am pretty sure that indicates the number of times per second to update those parameters via Mavlink.

dose that effect the speed of data transfer ??

hi, i have same issue
please if any one have solution for this problem tell that here

the telemetry values control how many times per seconds a message is received.
so the lower the number the less bandwidth is used. but responce time/latency will go up.

eg if you change attitude to 1, the hud will only update once per second.
if it was at 10, it would be ten times per second.

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Michael, these update rates just affect how fast the parameters are updated on the HUD or it affects the telemetry update rate as well (and so the telemetry energy consuming)?

To increase the data rate, you need to increase the baud rate of the serial connection. See SERIALN_BAUD. Mind that increasing this can have other negative consequence (if Iā€™m not mistaken, a larger dropped messages rate)

As was said by others above, the parameters you mentioned are the frequency at which the copter will send telemetry messages back to the GCS, which in turn will impact on the refresh frequency of several displays such as the HUD. However, if these are set too high they will take all the communication bandwidth, thus making it slower to receive parameters.

Thus, you can try both increased the baud rate of the channel and/or reducing the telemetry rates

I had once the same issue with 3DR Radio. I replaced the air module and it works like normal. I suppose I had done a bad configuration on the radio side.

Maybe you can confirm a fast telemetry with some other radios?


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I take this post to realuxar a consultation on telemetry

I have an apm 2.8 for a long time stored in a drawer and I have decided to use it for the first time in a flying wing for fpv.

I have already installed all the firmware and made all the configurations connecting to the PC using USB cable, but when trying to connect the telemetry port to both the fpv glasses using the osd and the pc using 3dr radio 433mhz does not connect.

that is, the two modules light up and the green light remains fixed, and I confirmed with another flight controller that these two modules are talking to each other without problems, but when trying with the 2.8 apm they do not connect, despite reversing the cables TX rx one way and the other always same result.

Can someone tell me what I can do?

the port of telemetry I have confirmed that you have gnd + 5v, but is there any signature ti confirm if that port is transmitting or is burned ??

I have a free i2c port, can I direct the telemetry to that free port?

thank you for existing and from now for the help that you could give me