Telemetry connection issue in pixhawk

I keep having issues with the telemetry when I try to connect it to my my pixhawk.
I managed to establish a connection between the air module and the ground module when i connect both of them to my laptop(I connected the air module to the laptop using a ftdi adapter), and using mission planner i was able to link it and get solid green light in both. But when i connect the air module to the pixhawk it just shows a faint red light while the ground module keep flashing green which i believe means its searching for transmitter signal. I dont understand what seems to be the issue here. I even tried changing the baudrate and it didnt solve the issue. What could be the problem?

What Pixhawk exactly?
What telemetry module?
How did you connect them?
Are you really on Copter 4.3? if yes, then update to Copter 4.5.2 or 4.5.3-beta.

“faint red” sounds like a power issue.
Overall that sounds to me like a case of RTFM…


A Universally recognized troubleshooting technique :grinning:

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Sorry I’m actually on copter 4.5.3

I’m using pixhawk 2.4.8

Initially the two modules wouldn’t connect to each other. Both modules would always be blinking green. I used a FTDI USB to UART converter to connect the air module to my computer after which I uploaded firmware to the air module as well and then both the air and ground module was solid green(this is when connected to the computer). But after I did this and I connected the air module to the pixhawk it just started blinking a faint red. I don’t know what this means and I can’t find any solution to it online. I don’t know if it’s something I did wrong .

Also before all this when connecting the air module to the pixhawk it used to be blinking green it was only after I did this that this change occured

I’m going to agree with @Janno , faint red is a power issues. Use a multi-meter to check that you are supplying the air radio with 5v. You may need to have the flight controller connected to a battery as some ports aren’t powered off USB alone.

I thought that too but it doesn’t work with a battery either… Could it be some fault with my pixhawk?

Without knowing more about your system it is really hard to tell.
So again, which telemetry module exactly are you using?
Where on the pixhawk did you connect it to?
Did you just try it with a battery or did you also measure the supply voltage like Allister suggested? If yes, what was the result? If no, then do it.

Sure, everything is possible. Or more precise: nothing is certain. However experience has shown that user error is more likely to be the problem than faulty hardware and without proper testing I’d be hesitant to write the FC off.

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As I said before, use a multi-meter to see if the radio is getting 5v. Check the pins on the FC and if that’s good, check the cable. Start with the cheap stuff, often these are just wiring issues.

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