Telemetry connection in MissionPlanner


I am using pixhawk2.
I want to connect Mission Planner using radio, but it’s not connected.-> “no heartbeat packet received”

(sorry to Korean Word)

I don’t know why this message came out

I am using right driver, and port number, rate too

telemetry pair is Ok,
there are something wrong in below figure? this figure is about connection line to fit in pixhawk2 temetry cable.

to sum it up…

how to radio connection in MP(already done right port number, rate, pair is ok)
and above radio line connection is ok?

Thank you for ready my immature letter…
and appreciated your reply

I am not sure… but try connecting the 433MHz radio “TX” to the PixHawk’s “RX”, and the PixHawk’s “TX” to the 433MHz radio “RX”

Oh!! thanks to your reply, I was solving!!

very very thank you very much

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