Telemetry connection doesn't work in a sunny day

Dear community,

I’m using the Sik telemetry to connect my rover with the Mission Planner.
Inside of the room, it works perfectly fine. However, when I do the field test outside under the sun in a sunny day, sometimes the telemetry will stop working suddenly and the connection will be also interrupted. So is it because all the telemetry has the same problem and I should avoid drive my vehicle under the sun ? Or I need to purchase a better telemetry that can work under the sun ?

@Mirko_Zhou, I’ve never heard of a telemetry radio failing in the sun before. I guess it’s overheating so perhaps mount it on the bottom of the vehicle or something similar. I’m afraid that’s the limit of my advice but I’ve ping’d some other devs to see if they have any ideas.

@Pedals2Paddles, FYI just to keep you in the loop re any GCS failsafe issues.

While it is sitting there on the ground? Or while in flight? If while in flight, you could just be flying out of range. Otherwise, I agree with Randy that this probably a hardware problem.

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Thank you. So telemetry has the capacity to work under the sun ?
Is there any good quality telemetry you recommend that can be connected with Pixhawk 1 ?

Thank you so much.
So I need to buy two units and also the cables for connection with Pixhawk ?

I found a telemetry kit based on RF900 including all necessary cables:

Can I use this one ?
Also how can I power the component from BEC ? What I thought is that we can use the cable they provided to connect directly with the Telemetry port from Pixhawk

I see.
Could you please explain more regarding how can I power the radio modem from BEC ? What hardware do I need to buy and how to wire the connection ? Can I just use the BEC output from ESC ?

The battery on my vehicle is currently connected with the power module, providing power to Pixhawk and the motor. So I’m not sure how can I connect BEC with the battery ? Do I have to cut the cable and solder them together ?

Thank you so much. Do you have any recommended BEC unit ?

Thanks Matt. Can I just cover the mental plate with copper tape and use it as ground plate ?