Telemetry compatibility with MATEK 734 (WING)

Hello guys,

I’ve started the project of an autonomous survey boat.

I’m getting a MATEK H743 Wing and its components (GPS, airspeed sensor, etc…) for my new project.

I’m struggling (because of a lack of knowledge) in organising my telemetry settings.

Basically, I want to have have a ground station to control where the vessel is using the map planner as well as being able to control it manually with the controller.

I’ve seen from the SiK Telemetry Radio V3 from Holybro would this be compatible?
It’d be even easier for me to get the following beta FPV nano tx module and receiver. Will these work with my Matek 743 too?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but really loving this world and learning from it everyday.

Hope I share my knowledge with this world soon :slight_smile:
Have a nice day! TIA

As said in the product page:

This radio is plug-n-play all Pixhawk Standard and other Flight Controller, providing the easiest ways to setup a telemetry connection between your Autopilot and a ground station. It uses open source firmware which has been specially designed to work well with MAVLink packets and to be integrated with the Mission Planner, Ardupilot, QGroundControl, PX4 Autopilot.

Thanks! Do you think the ELRS Nano TX Module – BETAFPV Hobby will work similarly?

I never used but it seems so.