Telemetry command mode and bootlander mode problems

Hi. i have bought a 3dr 433 mhz telemetry from banggood.

Im struggling with some problems.
I have a solid green light and a blink red light which is not very visible.
1)when i try to load settings on mission planner, it errors “failed to enter command mode”

2)when i try to upload firmware(local) , it says “could not put in to bootlander mode”

Please help me. Im in hurry for a competition.

Typically there is no need to update the firmware.

Connect the Air Radio to your flight controller.
Connect the Ground Radio to your computer.
Power up the flight controller.
Start Mission Planner.
Select the com port for Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge.
Set the baud rate to 57600.
Click Connect.

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Thank you sir. You really helped me.

Welcome. Glad to be of service.

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