Telemetry 1 vs Telemetry II Priority


I’m need some help understanding the logic between running two telemetry ports on a Pixhawk 2.1. On telemetry one, I’m running a 4G modem on on MAVLINK 2. On telemetry two, I’d like to run a RFD900X on MAVLINK I. How does the Pixhawk determine what telemetry port to use, if they both have excellent communications? If I lose 4G connection, should it automatically revert back to the RFD900X? Vice versa? How would I set it to swap to the other if one port looses connection? I’d appreciate any help.

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It uses both. There’s no check to determine which one to use.

In terms of following commands, it will obey the last command received on either link.

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Hello @stephendade,

I want to have the 4G as my primary, and the RFD900X as my backup. Is there a way to do it that way?

Like the post above says, you can use both at the same time. If one fails, stop using it. And continue to use only the one that is working.