Telem2 and Compass led´s issue

hi. yesterday i installed benewec TFmini lidar unit, its working fine and is connected to Telem2 port. There seems to be some sort of conflict with compass indicator led´s. When lidar is connected to the cube, i get no Led´s on my dual Here+ units, only red light on the safety switch. If i disconnect Telem2 its all good again with led lights. I have Cube black on latest offical fw.

Edit. All this in bench.Copter was not armed at any point!

Don’t try to power the TFmini or the LED’s from the flight controller.
Use a seperate BEC to power your peripherals and just connect gnd and signal to the flight controller.

Okay, i was a bit confused about wiring example on ardupilot lidar page. I will re wire my lidar.thanks a lot

You were right as this explains the power separation from the flight controller

i see, here is the right instructions…right?

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Solved. I did new wiring today with lidar power from bec. Now when powering copter, also compass led´s are working. thank you :slight_smile: