Telem 2 slow when Telem 1 in use

We are running the cube orange with V4.0.3. We have a datalink running through Telem 1 to Mission Planner, and an OSD connected to Telem 2 (only Tx pin and ground connected). With the datalink off (manual flying) the OSD updates fine, when we switch the datalink on and monitor the aircraft through Mission Planner (only monitoring aircraft status, position etc, still manual flying) the data output from Telem 2 gets very slow indeed and most OSD parameters update very slowly or not at all. All the systems are working so at least most of the settings should be right, and both ports are set to manufacturer of data link and OSD recommendations (same company).
Anyone have any thoughts?

Update to 4.0.4-rc1 The way the streams are handled is improved

Does the issue change based on how much data is moving across telem1? If
you set the streamrates to 1, does the OSD work correctly?