Teensy 4.1 as Flight Controller

Dear all,

Question: Can you give me any hint on using Teensy 4.1 with ArduPilot. Thanks.

Teensy 4.1 is quite attractively priced and seems to have sufficient process power, abundant I/O, and enough memory to serve as the base for a flight controller. However, at the current time, TeenSy does not seem to be supported by ArduPilot (./waf list_boards does not show any hint). I could not find any reference that someone is porting ArduPilot to Teensy 4.1.

Thanks for you support.

Teensy 4.1 is not supported directly as it isn’t a flight controller board lacking pretty much any needed hardware. You would need to

  1. make sure AP can run on it. There is ChibiOS port so at least that should be done
  2. design flight controller
  3. Write hwdef for your board
  4. Compile the code for your flight controller

Here is the last messages from the Ardupilot Teensy4 Discord channel. Reply from an Ardupilot Developer.

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