TECS_SPDWEIGHT in logs differs from parameters

Hi everyone,

We are working on a custom glider that must be released from an helium balloon and we are facing some difficulties with the setting of TECS parameters.

Indeed, we set up the TECS_SPDWEIGHT parameter at 2 (good for gliders according to Ardupilot website), but during the flight the glider acts like it tries to reach an higher altitude but cannot as there is no thrust and it falls due to low speed (then regains speed, tries to go higher, falls again, etc). While our goal is just to let it go to the ground (at the home or rally point) with a constant speed between 18 and 30 [m/s].

Furthermore, the “w” parameter in the TECS logs shows a value of 0 during all the flight even if we set the TECS_SPDWEIGHT at 2.

Shouldn’t the ‘w’ log data reflects the TECS_SPDWEIGHT value ?

Does the TECS_OPTIONS parameter must be set at ‘1’ to force the TECS_SPDWEIGHT value to the ‘w’ parameter ?

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Harley Stoeckli

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Hi Harley,

I am digging into some SPDWEIGHT issues myself here and I found this. Did you ever happen to find a fix or find a reason that w was being set to 0? If you still happened to have a log available I would love to take a look.