TECS Sink and Throttle Troubleshooting

Hey all, during some sink/descent tests we were observing some weird throttle and dh demanded behaviour. TECS parameters were tuned following instructions from Paul Riseborough’s TECS presentation during the conference alongside documentation on ArduPilot. During verification of TECS sink parameters we noticed the demanded height was not lining up with the actual height. Spdweight was set to 2 but we were still not reaching our trim airspeed of 1300 cm/s. TECS_SINK_MIN was 1.5, which we never appear to hit. The throttle and dhdem behave in an unexpected way, at one point the throttle flares to 20% and then drops, despite not reaching our set height. This seems like a TECS issue but I am a little lost on which parameters to tune to correct this. The flight data is uploaded here, any insight or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!