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Techniques of Drone Use in Search and Rescue

This event is hosted by the AUVSI chapter of Texas and NTDUG!

July 30th at the Albanian American Cultural Center located at 350 E Southwest Parkway Lewisville, TX 75067, come join us to discuss drone use in Search and Rescue operations.

This will be an approximately 3-4 hour class and is a prerequisite to attend the field practical that will be held in McKinney near Medical City McKinney building located at 4500 Medical Center Dr, McKinney, TX 75069.

This class is geared towards those who have some working knowledge of drones and can handle basic flight operations. This course was constructed to educate first responders as well as Law Enforcement in the use of all drone types within the scope of Search and Rescue. If you have ever had an interest in such use then please make plans for a Friday night and an all-day Saturday drone bash!

We will cover the following topics:

• Review sample Video Footage
• Review sample Photos
• Give a brief overview of drones
• Texas State/Federal Laws Regarding Drone Use
• Payload types for SAR
• Review of 4 cases
• Specific tactics of drone use in SAR
• Lessons learned in the field
• Skillsets needed
• Basics of drone systems/functions
• Specific programs of use for SAR drones
• General discussion about SAR qualifications/certification

For the class I recommend bringing your drone (especially if you have questions about its suitability), a laptop for quick searching of topics/information and your curiosity about how to do these types of operations. All potential crew members should attend.

For the field practical I recommend bringing sunglasses, charged batteries, hats, drinks, snacks, sunscreen, all of your drone equipment and if you have it bring a pop-up tent for some shared shade!

Schedule for July 30th:
Arrive at the Albanian American Cultural Center between 5:30 and 5:50PM, please do not be late. Class ends around 9-9:30PM.

Schedule for July 31st:
Arrive at the cornfield behind the Medical City of McKinney building between 8:30 and 9AM. Field practical will be a mock missing camper and will go on until all have a chance to find the targets. Pilot briefing will begin between 9 and 9:15AM, DO NOT BE LATE.

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That sounds like an awesome event! If only it was closer to Michigan I would be there! Any chance you would be willing to share presentation materials or record it?

I am a part of Kent County Search and Rescue. We often utilize quads through the sheriff’s department including this last weekend. However, I would like to get our search mangers more familiar with drone operations and capabilities for SAR.

Get me a plane ticket from Kansas City and help me find a place to stay and I’ll come on up. I will email you a copy of my presentation as it stands now (updating it), send me an address for it as it’s over 30megs.

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Totally would if our budget didn’t consist of shoe strings besides the basic applications for alerts and mapping! :slight_smile: Or better send myself to Texas!

Thanks so much! I will send you a DM.

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