Tbs Nano RX SE & Arducopter


I’m trying to make my TBS nano RX working with arducopter 4.0.5

i’m with Flight Controller MATEK F405-SE, firmware 4.0.5 for F405-Wing.
TBS Nano RX, is wired on TX1/RX1. Its working good in Betaflight and Inav, and i didn’t change any wiring.

On the parameter, i have change Serial1_protocol = 23 (RC IN ) or 29 (Crossfire), both with differents bauds rate (57,115). None are working, the receiver is never detected on the Receiver tab of mission planner.

To be sure, i have disabled or put 1 to all other serial protocol, and still same result.

Any idea about what i’m missing? Any other parameter to setup?

Thanks for your help

This feature is only available in ArduCopter 4.1

I dont see any 4.1 available on the firmware page… stop at 4.0.5
Do you mean it’s still in dev and will be added in 4.1?


Yes, that is correct

So for now, no crossfire compatibility with arducopter?

ok :wink:
thanks for your help


Thank you for your help.
I have install the latest version, and made few tests:

  1. with Crossfire (29) selected it doesn’t work
  2. with RCIN (23) it works!! the crossfire is recognized, and i can see the controller in the tab.

BUT, their is a delay beetween what i do in controller and the result in screen, and also “fast” mouvement are not shown in the tab. Its like the system is too “slow” to detect all command.

i can make a quick video if needed and other tests

Thanks again for your help

29 is for VTX only if you are not using RC - 23 is the right protocol. Not sure about delays

Ok, cool, so it’s 23 :wink:
i will try to change the baud rate, see if it change something, and let you know


Baudrate is set by the driver - it may just be the GCS that is the issue so no delay - just a perception of delay.

But best to use a UART with DMA

Ok thank
Normally this board can handle data on almost any uart

probably more a GCS issue like you said, here is a quick video

as you can see its not really “smooth”, more “step by step”, like if refresh is not fast enough or too much data, which may me more think to GCS issue