TBS Nano Rx Diversity is not recognized by FlyWoo Goku F745 AIO

Hello everybody !

I can’t get the CRSF signal coming from the Nano Diversity to recognize on the Goku F745 AIO.

  1. I flashed Goku F745 AIO with the last firmware

  2. I wiring CH1 <=> RX UART3 and CH2 <=> UART3

  3. I bind TANGO 2 and Nano Rx diversity and set up CH1=CRSF TX, CH2=CRSF RX

  4. I change parameter
    RSSI_TYPE = 3
    RC_OPTIONS = 32+256 = 288
    Test with value 1 and 9

The next step is to set SBUS with CH3 to trybut I must change soldering.
It will be great If CRSF work with no SBUS…

Can you help me ? I don’t know what do…

It’s bit 9 which means you need to set it to 512

Hello ! Why 512 ? I did’nt see this value in RC_PROTOCOLS list

Nop, still doesn’t work :confused:

There is a known problem with the nano diversity that is fixed in fw 6.10 - it’s probably worth upgrading just to make sure.

I have 5 drones and many people Bricked there Tango 2 during update.

I tried before with the last version of Betaflight and CRSF work great with Nano diversity.
There is an issue With Arducopter 4.1 on this FC :frowning:

If nobody have a new Idea, I will waiting and flying with Betaflight

I try now with last version of Inav and it work too
If somebody see who I missed