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TBS FPV Vision with Pixhawk 2?

I’m currently using a micro MinimOSD with a separate FPV video transmitter and a separate power module connected to a Pixhawk CUBE.

Recently, I saw this product online:

It claims to be a power module, supporting up to 6S and 163A, an 800mW FPV transmitter, and an integrated, customizable OSD. The whole thing weighs only 8.6g (what they claim) and it seems like I could replace 3 different boards with this one.


  • I can’t find any images that show what the OSD looks like when you’re flying.
  • I don’t know how you would connect this to the Pixhawk to monitor amps and volts. I’m guessing you would need to build a custom cable.
  • I can’t find anyone using this with a Pixhawk CUBE so I don’t even know if it would work at all.


Looks like it needs Cleanflight or Betaflight

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