TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 and TBS Nano Receiver and Pixhawk

Hi Everyone;

I want to build FPV plane and I plan to use TBS Crossfire Micro V2 with nano Receiver. My Questions;

1- If I use TBS Crossfire Micro V2 with nano Receiver, can I control more than 4 channel?
2- How can I connect nano receiver to pixhawk 2.4.8? which connection is suitable, SBUS (RCin) or Telem1 port
3- If I connect nano receiver to telem1 port, How I connect to Mission planer? Can I use bluetooth connection with laptop like TBS Crossfire.?

  • Q1: yes, you can control more than 4 channels. With CRSF you can control up to 12 channnels
  • Q2: you have different options:
    – SBUS out of namo RX to Pixhanw
    – via MAVLink on telem1 port
    – via CRSF on telem1 port
  • Q3: Here are different options available:
    – via USB
    – via 3DR-radio on telem2
    – via external BT (e.g. HC-05 module) on telem2

Unfortunately you can not connect it via BT like the big CRSF TX. The Micro TX has no BT built in. Theoretically you could use the built in Wifi. At least in my tests the Wifi connection doesn’t work very wel.

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Thank you for your reply. I want to Buy Radiomaster TX16s Hall version and TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 for FPV plane with pixhawk control. Which receiver do you suggest me? Nano rx SE is enough for me?

Depends of the size of the plane.

The nano RX SE is good enough to fly further out than I am allowed to.
Assuming a proper installation a reasonable RF back round noise level and no in band noise from the plane.
With a bad installation you can degrade any radio system down to be useless.
Don’t ask how I know …

Have you looked at the new TBS Tracer? I’ve been following that with a lot of interest. The manual says:

“Wireless configuration with ArduPilot/ PX4 by WiFi
Over the built-in WiFi module you can get MAVLink data to your pc or mobile device for live telemetry as well as full MAVLink data transmission”

So I’m hoping that it will basically work like the original full Crossfire module did.

I know it’s 2.4ghz, not 900mhz, but at the range they’re predicting just as Sascha said it will work further than I’m allowed to fly.

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I know that but crossfire have built in wifi isnt it? If crossfire has not the same features I can use tracer. I have not buy any TBS tx or rx yet.

I also haven’t purchased any TBS gear yet. As far as I know the only way to get wifi telemetry to a laptop or tablet was through the full Crossfire module. The other modules have wifi but only for access to their setup software. This was until the Tracer system was released.

To be clear I haven’t tested any of this, it’s only what I’ve learned from reading the manuals on the TBS site. Maybe somebody with some hands on experience will chime in. I was going to get a full Crossfire module and go that route but I’d been dragging my feet on making the purchase because I had this feeling something was coming down the pipe in terms of a new release. The original Crossfire module has been out for a while so I was expecting to see a new version or something and that’s when Tracer came out. Honestly for the price Tracer has what I want. I don’t need the range that Crossfire has. I’m waiting to see what some of the testers and reviewers have to say and then I’ll make up my mind.

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All TBS Crossfire transmitter (nano, microV1, microV2 and the big one) seem to have a builtin Wifi-module. Even the older ones. With a more recent firmware the Wifi module can be activated and used to route Mavlink data to a PC or tablet.

The big transmitter module is the only one with a builtin Bluetooth module. In the past it was the only way to route MAVlink data to a PC or tablet.


Do you know what is the real difference between crossfire micro and tracer micro? Only difference is frequency?

On the very first look the frequency band seems the main difference.
A deeper look will show different chipsets, available bandwidth etc.

I have no first hand experience with “Tracer” Someone else?
From my understanding it was purposely made for racers.

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Thank you for your reply. I also think the same thing. I’m not a racer. I just want to make long fpv flights by plane. Do you need to wait for the tracer to go on sale?