Hi all,
I would like to build an antenna tracker with a tbs crossfire. I am currently deciding between a ghetto station and Ardupilot. I have a tbs crossfire which can output Mavlink through Bluetooth, so I was wondering how I would be able to use this with Ardu Pilot. Also, do I have to connect my video receiver to the flight controller like it is shown on the Ardu Pilot website - I would like to build a ground station for a rapid-fire receiver which I do not think can be connected up to something like that. Also, it is 5.8 ghz so I do know if this would really work. So far, I am running a dalrc f405 flight controller for my mini quad, which I will install a GPS and inav on. If I am correct, my tbs crossfire will then be able to output mavLink as Bluetooth. I don’t know how I would do the rest with ArduPilot, but I assume it would go along the lines of wiring a Bluetooth module up to a flight controller that supports ardupilot. What is the difference between ArduPilot and Ghettostation? Would Ghettostation work better? I am pretty new to this, so sorry if I got any of this wrong.
Arjun M

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