TBS CAIPIRINHA pitch oscillating

Hi to all,
i setup a tbs caipirinha flying wing, all recommended equipemt, esc, servo, prop,2000kv motor…etc.
installed apm2.6, gps with no compass and without airspeed sensor and telemetry,
i made only five flights, cg its in proper ubication according manual and setup servo trows referring to manual, i use old style elevon mixer, in some parts of auto mode ( cruise, autotune and RTL) the wing shake or oscillating in pith, attached my data flash logs, any help please
have nice day

I had the same problem. I believe I cured it when I switched from ELEVON_MIXING to ELEVON_OUTPUT.

Everyone who seems to be complaining about these pitch issues is running a flying wing using Elevon Mixing. I haven’t found anyone yet who ISN’T running ELEVON_MIXING, and has these issues.

Other issues that seem to me to be the same thing:

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