Tarot TL65B44 small electric retractable landing gear

I want to know how can I control the servos. I will place a link with the product:

Can someone help me with a datasheet?

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Those retracts don’t require a separate controller. They operate from a standard servo control signal, when the signal is above threshold (probably 50%) they move one way, and when below they move the other way; there is no way to drive them to an intermediate position.

Note you should supply power to these separately from your flight controller, and NOT directly from your receiver given the potential for high stall currents. Typically a spare BEC from one of your ESCs can be used to directly power them.

In my case, I have the control signal connected directly to the receiver, and I use a spare channel on my radio to manually control them. Recent versions of ArduCopter include some facility to automatically lower (but not raise) the gear using an AUX channel, but I haven’t set that up yet.

Also, given you have 2 of these, you probably need to use a ‘Y’ harness to connect them in parallel so that they will operate together.

Here are mine in action,

Thank you for your answer.

This is what I used copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … ding-gear/

The retracts work well and even come down when RTL or land is selected.

Only on AC3.3