Tarot Gimbal tilt on ch 6 not working

Before 3.51 firmware gimbal tilt worked.Now camera will stabalize but cannot control tilt with RC in ch6.Also,since it is a tarot 2d gimbal which Type do I select
in 3.51 copter firmware?

Yes it does work. :slight_smile:
You probably are not linking properly input / output channel in misson planner.
Look in optional harware / camera gimbal and you’re surely not having the right In and Out channel mention there.
By the way any change there need a reboot of the flight controller (if a pixhawk or Pix XX clone equivalent.
Oh And by reboot I mean power off the flight controller wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power to the flight controller. (Some people don’t understand “reboot”… :slight_smile:


Thanks henrik04;
You were correct,I had the wrong channels on mission planner.All is well now. The gimbal
Is working correctly.