Tarot gimbal mount screws

Could someone give me the dimensions for the screws that mount the gimbal to the Iris? I’m getting ready to attach mine and I don’t see any screws/ bolts that came with the kit (I bought the Iris and the gimbal together). Thanks.

There should be 2 hex head bolts that are part of the gimbal accessory pack.

I realize that the screws should have come with the gimbal. They weren’t in the kit. That’s why I’m asking if someone could provide the dimensions for them.

Hi road_rascal,

The screws are 12.9 Socket Head Cap Screw, Alloy Steel, M4 Thread, 18mm Length, 0.70mm Pitch

Please contact help@3drobotics.com to get the screws.

Thanks rogelioN, I picked some up at the LHS.

I realize it’s too late to say anything, but they should have come in their own little plastic bag that was inside a plastic bag that has a USB thing as well as a few other “bits.”

Can anyone tell me size of the two screws that hold the GoPro lens ring to the mount. Very thin long screws. One of mine just cracked in half

If these screws are part of the GoPro, maybe you can contact gopro support to get the screw’s size.

No he’s talking about the ones from the tarot gimbal, they hold the Gopro in the gimbal

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The tarot gimbal is actually also part of the Gopro kit; sorry if this doesn’t answer your question.

The two screws that hold the gopro mount to the front are M2 20mm screws.