Tarot 650 new build -newbie would like help please

bin file


I am new to this but built my quad and it is hovering and holding altitude great. I pitch and roll, climb and descend just fine. Also yaw to the right and left but then the quad began to climb. So, I toggled to Alt Hold and brought it back down to safe landing. This happened again (both times it seemed that the yaw to the left caused the ERR but I am probably wrong). I should mention that prior to this event I ran a battery without fail. but this was my second battery of the day.

I have checked my log file for that and it does show that I had a “Radio 1 and Radio 0” ERR and the copter went into “RTL”. As far as I know I did not have any radio issue and when I toggled into “Alt Hold” it took control immediately and I was able to bring it down safely.

I am hoping that somebody could please view my .bin file and see if they could find any issues that maybe I can’t see or don’t know about. As I said, I am new to “Pixhawk” and want to learn all I can about the ArdoPilot software.

Firmware Version V3.4.2

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

bin file

Looking at the logs you it was definitely a radio out failsafe that initiated the climb.
You have an RTL altitude set to 15m so it seemed to head for that when the FS happened.
The radio out is unusual in that there was no input for a short time rather than an Rx going into comms fail mode.
So I would look at the Rx to FC cable for any looseness or damage.
Maybe even a faulty Rx.
How is the FS setup in the RX?
Throttle zero and other channels mid?

I think you are right about the cable from the Rx to the FC being damaged. Specifically the connector that attaches the PPM Encoder to the Pixhawk might be loose and needs to be replaced or tightened up. I will look into that.
Yes, I have the FS on the RX set to Throttle zero and the other channels mid. I am still trying to learn about setting up FS (the best settings and such) and all the other setting on my Rx. I currently have a Radiolink AT10 and I’m going to eventually get a Taranis.

Thanks for your reply and help. I had my suspicions that it was the Rx or something to do with it. I think you nailed it with the cable that connects to the FC.