Tarot 2D Gimbal won't level out

Hi all, my first post here, hopefully you can help me out with my brand new 3DR Iris, and Tarot 2D gimbal.

I power on the drone and gimbal, everything seems to work fine except the gimbal will not level the GoPro. It points it down at the same downwards, backwards angle each time.

The gimbal keeps it steady though, so if the level were better, it would be excellent.

Here is my video of what happens once I connect the battery.

I’ve thought about loosening the screw and just manually tightening it at the angle that would put it level, but I could imagine that giving me problems down the road. Any suggestions?



There is a knob on the TX to adjust the up/down angle. Have you tried turning it?

Looks like you need to download the firmware ZYX-BMGC-EN_V1.5 and calibrate the gimbal. It looks lost. It’s way past where it should tilt down.


Also look at this…

Thanks for the feedback. Apparently the software has a hard time working with Windows 8. I had to go to a Windows 7 machine to get the software to connect.

I recall having to use prolific usb driver to get it working with windows 8 and the USB dongle.