Tarot 2D gimbal & APM 2.5 3.2

Using guide from here
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … ot-gimbal/
I can not gimbal to tilt from TX ch 6 when controlled via APM RC 9. I have every thing setup as shown from the above link. I did set up MP to RC9 and RC6. Might I be missing something? Any Help ? Tnx

Why go through the FC at all? Just run a single cable from your receiver to the T pin on the Tarot gimbal and the jobs a good 'un.

When I run mission with ROI I want the camera to point to the right angle ! and I can still control tilt via the Tx when not using ROI

Well I have it working. For APM seems you must use RC11 (output APM) I still use RC6 from TX.
I had to set RC11 from MP (not RC9)…
APM 2.6 3.2 firmware