Tarcking depth from an echosounder for a Boat platform


I have a boat setup and I would like to take data from an echosounder that outputs NMEA 0183 sentences. using the tiny GPS library I would like to pass depth and temperature output from the echosounder, save it in the local log file alongside all of the other parameters (altitude, speed, etc) and I would also liek to transmit it via telemetry to a tablet/laptop running mission planner…

Two questions:
-Where is the best place to “inject” my echosounder data in the current APM Rover code / libraries?
-How easily can mission planner accept new parameters via telemetry and then save them to the Tlog?

Thanks in advance!

Hi am attempting to do the same thing that you are doing using a Garmin Intelliducer that outputs NMEA 0183 sentences.
I am presently planning to use a separate telemetry radio link to transmit GPS and depth data to my laptop as getting the data into the MavLink data stream may be tricky.
Here is a link to my Pontoon RSV Project: http://diydrones.com/group/arduboat-user-group/forum/topics/pontoon-remote-survey-vehicle-rsv
Since no one answered your post, did you have any luck with your request elsewhere on the web?
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