Taranis X9D first time setup for boat


I am working on my first boat project. I have bound X9D to X8R and I am currently calibrating the controller in QGroundcontrol.

Since I am building a boat. I am not sure what to do here. I want left stick - up to throttle both motors forward. Left stick - down, to reverse both motors. Right stick - left to throttle left motor, right stick - right to throttle right motor.

you can change that on your taranis, just go to the channel on the mixer page, edit and change the input.

But QGroundControl is asking me for roll, pitch, yaw and throttle. What do I do there?

rover only uses throttle and yaw.

But it is still asking me to calibrate the roll and pitch stick. I cant get any further in the calibration process

sorry, I am not familiar with Qground control, try using mission planner.

I have calibrated it, I have no idea how it will function though. Do you know how I can change channel with one of the swithces? Now the sticks are supposed to move the motor, but if I want to change it, so that they control a gimbal for instance, and then change back when I am done controlling the gimbal.

yes that can be done in the mixer on the taranis

this is a good series to learn about the radio

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I will watch. Thanks